Instructions for paper submission

Official languages of the Symposium are Macedonian and English. Papers should be prepared following these rules:

  • total number of pages should not exceed 10, except for invited and introductory papers, which are limited to 14 pages.
  • The text should be written in Macedonian or English.
  • The paper should be sent in electronic format (Microsoft Word and PDF) for possible editing and final preparation for publishing.
  • Page numbering, insertion of the Symposium logo, etc., will be done by the Editorial board.

The Abstracts (first pages of the papers) will be printed in the Book of Abstracts, while the full text of the paper will be distributed in digital format. Together with the final version of the paper, the authors should submit a proof for the registration fee payment.

Power Point and Poster presentations of the papers should be prepared only in English.

Templates download

Poster and Presentation templates will be published soon.