Main Topic:


17th International Symposium of Macedonian Association of Structural Engineers (MASE 2017) will be held from 4th to 7th of October 2017 in Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia. The Symposium will focus on issues related to structural engineering, with an emphasis on the behavior of structures under the influence of accidental impacts and natural disasters, such as: earthquakes, extreme high and low temperatures, fires, wind, explosions, floods, landslides, avalanches etc. The main goal of the symposium is to provide a forum where local and foreign participants will be able to exchange knowledge and ideas on the latest scientific developments and practices, setting directions for future research and cooperation in the field of construction. All structural engineers and students, as well as researchers from related areas, are invited to participate.

Main topics
  • Seismic design of structures
  • Fire and explosion resistance of structures
  • Climate impacts on structures, as extreme high and low temperatures and wind
  • Influence of floods, avalanches and landslides on structures
  • Disaster prevention and reduction of the consequences on structures

Other topics
  • Theoretical and experimental analysis of structures
  • Contemporary methods for structural design
  • Eurocodes and National Annexes
  • Contemporary methods for construction
  • Modern materials and technologies for sustainable development
  • Reliability, robustness and durability of structures
  • Monitoring, maintenance, strengthening and rehabilitation of structures
  • Infrastructure objects
  • Other topics related to structural engineering

In cooperation with the Chamber of certified architects and certified engineers of Republic of Macedonia a round-table on topic "Construction Law and the needs for modifications and amendments" will be organized within the framework of the Symposium. The second round table on topic "Implementation of Regulation on construction products-CPR 305/2011" will be organized in cooperation with CEN-European Committee for Standardization.

Invited Speakers

Programme Committee

  • Roberta APOSTOLSKA
  • Ilija MARKOV
  • Darko NAKOV
  • Sergej ČURILOV
  • Selman IMERI

Scientific Committee

  • Grozde ALEKSOVSKI, Macedonia
  • Sande ATANASOVSKI, Macedonia
  • Gyorgy BALAZS, Hungary
  • Dubravka BJEGOVIC, Croatia
  • Golubka N. CVETANOVSKA, Macedonia
  • Michael FABER, Denmark
  • Massimo FRAGIACOMO, Italy
  • Vladimir GOCEVSKI, Canada
  • Rüdiger HÖFFER, Germany
  • Ivan JAKIMOV, Bulgaria
  • Elena DUMOVA JOVANOSKA, Macedonia
  • Djordje LADJINOVIC, Serbia
  • Ljupco LAZAROV, Macedonia
  • Dusko LUCIC, Montenegro
  • Mirjana MALESEV, Serbia
  • Оgnen MARINA, Macedonia
  • Peter MARK, Germany
  • Zlatko MARKOVIC, Serbia
  • Goran MARKOVSKI, Macedonia
  • Darko MOSLAVAC, Macedonia
  • Miroslav NASTEV, Canada
  • Tihomir NIKOLOVSKI, Macedonia
  • Svetlana PETKOVSKA ONCEVSKA, Macedonia
  • Niko POJANI, Albania
  • Predrag POPOVIC, USA
  • Vlastimir RADONJANIN, Serbia
  • Enrico RONCHI, Sweden
  • Veronika SENDOVA, Macedonia
  • Bosko STEVANOVIC, Serbia
  • Mladen ULICEVIC, Montenegro
  • Qiang XU. P.R.China

Organizing Committee


  • Meri Cvetkovska


  • Vladimir VITANOV
  • Koce TODOROV
  • Denis POPOVSKI
  • Marijana LAZAREVSKA
  • Marija VITANOVA

Technical staff:

  • Cvetanka CHIFLIGANEC
  • Simona BOGOEVSKA
  • Kristina MILKOVA
  • Milica JOVANOSKA
  • Riste VOLČEV
  • Nikola POSTOLOV
  • Vladimir DAMJANOVSKI
  • Marija DOCEVSKA