Meri Cvetkovska 

Ana Trombeva Gavriloska
General Secretary

Darko Nakov 
Technical Secretary

Civil Engineering Faculty - Skopje
Partizanski odredi 24, P. Fah 560, Skopje
tel: (02) 3 116 066 ext. 205
fax: (02) 3 118 834

mase (at)


The emblem of MASE represents a stylized human figure composed of a large number of structural segments, representing the structural engineer standing straight, with a resolute step forward.

The lower plate on which the figure stands, symbolizes the massive foundation of knowledge, whereas the upper one, separated from the figure, symbolizes the power and the energy of the structural engineer's mind.

The emblem is drawn with silver lines upon a Alexandrian blue background.

The author of the MASE emblem is architect Mitko Hadzi-Pulja